Writers Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey

Palm Bay International and Walsh Whiskey Distillery have introduced Writers Tears Copper Pot, honoring the 19th century Irish writers and playwrights who found inspiration in local watering holes. Triple-distilled exclusively in copper pot stills, the whiskey begins with non-peated 100% Irish barley and is matured in ex-bourbon casks. Aromas of apple and vanilla lead into a gently spiced palate and elegant finish. Currently in NY, PA, MN, DC and MA. 80 proof. Read more>>


























BRAND PROFILE: KO HANA RUM Love is universally defined as an abstract concept, but many can argue its tangibility. Love does not have physical properties, such as a stone held in one's hand. Nevertheless, Love is felt between two people holding hands, or in the hearts of a couple separated by distance...After years of Research & Development, farming, processing and distilling, and trial and error, the dreams of the four-man team of Manulele Distillers have finally come to fruition. Read more>>